My dear reader, I share with you the journies I have made around the globe. In brief, I have made five adventure filled journies around the globe to 74 countries. I went twice by ship with the World Campus Afloat sponsored by Chapman University, once as a Rotary International Graduate Scholar to India, and twice on my own, active as an international business consultant.

"The moment you doubt you can fly, is the moment you can't fly." from Peter Pan

I have met amazing leaders and students, academic scholars and homeless victims of war. I have seen great beauty and terrible misery.

With a population of over seven billion our planet is in advanced decay and it is our job, if we choose, if we dare, to rebuild mother earth? Can it be done? is it too late?
If we were on a sinking ship would you jump off screaming or try to save it?

Some of us are daring to save the ship and you are invited to join are invited to protect HUMAN RIGHTS!
On the plus side, most people are of goodwill. Most people want a better world and better life for their families and friends.
Let us together inspire people to join in creating a better world, in protecting human rights and especially protecting the next generation of wonderful children.
It is our job to end exploitive wages, dangerous working conditions and rampant discrimination.

In Bangladesh the workers are paid the lowest minimum wages in the world: less than $10 a week!
Today we fight for $15 an hour minimum wage in America. Talk from the politicians we might see this wage in five years, I say the time for the $15 an hour minimum wage is now!
It is time we restore in our society tolerance and respect!
We must unite like-minded groups across California, across this great nation and around the globe to work together to increase tolerance.

I support the 30 articles of the U.N. Universal Declaration of Human Rights, please join me.