............Should we fall to our knees and pray or do a native American rain dance???

"The moment you doubt you can fly, is the moment you can't fly." from Peter Pan

When was the last day you looked out upon a large body of water?
Was it a lake, a river, or.....the ocean?
Yes, right next door to California exists a large body of water, the ocean. We have 840 miles of coastline, vast, unlimited water. So, why pay $5.00 for a Fiji bottled water? Does someone make a profit from bad water or shortage of water???
And, the problem for us, too much salt in our MOST AVAILABLE WATER..... But, other countries have solved the problem, why not us? Who decided we do not have enough water and why did they, yes THEY, do this to US??? Possibly, PROFIT???
Can this problem be solved so we can have, ABUNDANT WATER???

Lasting Change for Meaningful Support

And, what is stopping us when so many other countries that did not have water, now have abundant water? If we can send a man to the moon, can we solve a water crisis?................... A MAN MADE WATER CRISIS!!!! READ ON...FIND OUT THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT THE CORRUPT POLITICIAN CREATED CALIFORNIA WATER CRISIS AND HOW CORRUPT POLITICIANS OVER THE YEARS HAVE MADE THEMSELVES RICH ALONG WITH THEIR LARGE, FAT CORPORATE OIL COMPANY FRIENDS..............FIND OUT THE TRUTH....THE CORRUPTION GOES RIGHT TO THE TOP......

REMEMBER.........."The press is the hired agent of a monied system, and set up for no other purpose than to tell lies where their interests are involved. One can trust nobody and nothing." words spoken by Henry Brooks Adams in the late 1800's that still ring true today....the elite and powerful corporations own the large factory farms and control the water and oil in the state of California and THE LEADING POLITICIANS, as well as the press!

The waves of the Pacific seem to taunt the thirsty landscape of California. The state has 840 miles of coastline adjoining the world's largest ocean--an oversupply of brine at a time when drought has left fallow more than half a million acres of farmland, claimed some twenty thousand jobs, and cost the economy billions of dollars. To many thoughtful researchers, though, the state's water-rich coast is the overwhelming answer to its problems. This theory has been proven in a number of other countries with water issues.


"Thirty-five thousand gallons a minute!" the water expert shouted recently, over the sound of water gushing from a fat pipe into a lagoon at the edge of the Pacific. He was showing the discharge site of a billion--dollar desalination plant now under construction in Carlsbad, California. "Desal", as it's known in industry vernacular, converts ocean water into pure, delicious tap water. The fat pipe, also known as the brine pit, is where the salt that's been removed from the drinking water is returned to the ocean.

The Director of the North American division of IDE Technologies, that designs and operates mega-scale desalination plants worldwide, was doing the shouting recently about the successful "Desal" project. IDE's Carlsbad facility will be the largest desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere. Built in collaboration with the San Diego County Water Authority and Poseidon, a private developer of water infrastructure, the plant is coming online in early fall of 2015, and is currently in the early stages of startup. Nearly a tenth of the San Diego County's total water supply--enough for about four hundred thousand county residents--will come from this facility. A hundred million gallons of ocean water will be pumped through the plant per day; half will become drinking water, the other half will flow back into the ocean carrying the removed salt.

I am all for protecting the environment and it seems now that many that are pro protection for the environment want no desal plants on our coastline.

Is there another solution, a way we can have plenty of water, protect the environment and build new cities to accomodate the growing population?

Must rivers only flow into the ocean? Can rivers from the ocean flow into our California deserts, into the present Salton in-land sea? Can rivers flow to our new cities and new lakes and "Desal" plants be built in-land and not only on the coast?

Who has proposed this solution? Who is thinking 5 years or 10 years or 50 years or 100 years ahead, into the future?

What creative solution have we been given other than turning off our grass sprinklers and letting our lawns die? Being fined and taxed? Have politicians offered us any solutions???

Think about it............and do something...........together, let's change this great state and the politics of chaos and confusion, of lies and deception. It is time for real answers and real solutions.

Are you happy with our present state leadership??