Ted was born July 18, 1946 in Los Angeles, California. He attended the following schools and received the following honors and awards:

St. Gregory elementary; Mater Dei High School; Orange Coast College; Loyola University; Chapman University; Chapman World Campus Afloat; Loyola Law School;University of Bombay and New Dehli Graduate School of Economics. Ted in grammar school and high school worked in the film business as a child actor;he was quarterback on his high school football team, voted Captain of his track team by his team mates and Most Inspirational; he was elected by his classmates to attend Boys State in Sacramento and was a student leader.
"The moment you doubt you can fly, is the moment you can't fly." from Peter Pan

He went on to attend OCC and was elected President of the student body. Awarded numerous academic scholarships he went on to attend Loyola and Chapman for undergraduate studies and graduate studies at Loyola Law School and overseas graduate studies as a Rotary International Scholar and Foundation Award Winner, with studies in Community Development doing graduate research on the Peace Corps and Ford Foundation at the University of Bombay and New Delhi Graduate School of Economics. Ted was elected President of the student body aboard Chapman University World Campus Afloat and returned for a second study voyage around the world on a full scholarship as the student advisor. Ted is a Freedom Foundation Winner and Founder of the World Peace Project which he founded in Calcutta, India after working with Mother Teresa in Calcutta in 1969. Ted has been around the world 5 times doing research in 74 countries and spoken to Rotary Clubs, Service Clubs and Government organizations as Key note speaker, topic being.... "World Peace".

Upon his return to California Ted joined Coldwell, Banker & Co. as a commercial broker and leased numerous shopping centers across the state including the Stanford University Mall; he went on to lease Malls in Oregon and Illinois and became a developer and owner of several shopping centers when he founded his own development and construction companies. Ted has also produced and acted in low budget independent feature films and has worked with numerous actors including Dustin Hoffman, Eric Roberts, Whoopie Goldberg, and Michael Madsen. He continues to teach and tutor children in acting, public speaking and martial arts. Ted is a black belt in karate, a yoga master teacher and vegetarian and past member of Toastmaster International and Founder and President of three Toastmaster Clubs. Ted also actively supports the Delancey Foundation and former drug users and gang members returning to work in society. Ted has been a Big Brother, volunteer teacher and Counselor and presently actively supports the Declaration of Human Rights, Youth for Human Rights, the Way to Happiness Foundation, Drug Free World and numerous other community programs.


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Ted has been active in politics as an Independent Democrat and been a candidate for the school board, Nominee for Congress, candidate for Mayor of Los Angeles and past candidate for Governor of California in 2014. Ted raised funds for President Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Ted Kennedy, Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, Joe Kennedy, President Carter and Governor Jerry Brown.Ted has been a member of the U.S. Senate Leadership Circle and National Finance Committee of the Democratic Party.
Ted Crisell as the next Governor of California will end the homeless crisis, bring the best free education to the State, and see that Universal health care is created across the State. There are 33 developed countries, only one does not have Universal health care, America! Ted will create more jobs,  low income housing and end the housing crisis. Ted will end the water crisis.
Ted believes in public officials leading with integrity, ethics, morals, honesty, values and compassion. Ted is not taking donations from special interests, Big Oil, Big Pharma and the Private Prison Lobby. Ted will not accept a salary when elected.